Phantom | Oculus Rift

New Museum, NYC

Working with artist Daniel Steegmann, ScanLAB Projects have installed a new immersive experience at the New Museum, New York. Utilising the Oculus Development Kit 2, visitors are invited to transport their senses to the dense Brazilian rainforest.

Connecting the physical with the psychological, the work was produced within the Mata Atlantica Brazil, one of the most fragile ecosystems of the world. Immersed in the middle of this digital forest, the work makes reference to the indigenous cosmologies and their pantheistic beliefs governing body and environment.

ScanLAB Projects
Prototyping the OptiTrack tracking system at ScanLAB
ScanLAB Projects
Brazilian Rainforest Photo Daniel Steegmann
ScanLAB ProjectsScanLAB Projects
Testing at colour within the scene
Overview of the pointcloud scene within the forest.
ScanLAB Projects
View from within the Oculus headset