Lord Nelson's Trafalgar Coat

National Maritime Museum

Nelson Interactive exhibit at the Maritime Museum London. Lord Nelson's Trafalgar jacket was 3D scanned as part of the digital interactive guide. The original jacket is a delicate and priceless artifact. Through millimeter perfect 3D scanning with highly accurate colour matching this digital replica allows the jacket to be explored by an online audience and gallery visitors.

The Vice-Admiral's undress coat was worn by Nelson (1758-1805) at the Battle of Trafalgar. There is a bullet hole on the left shoulder, blood stains on the tails, and a blood stain on the left sleeve, which is probably that of Nelson's secretary, John Scott, killed earlier in the action.

On the jacket’s left side are Nelson's four orders of chivalry - Knight of the Bath, Order of the Crescent, Order of Ferdinand & Merit and Order of St Joachim - sewn to the front of the coat and over the edge of the lapel so that it could not be unbuttoned.

Lord Nelson's Trafalgar jacket and the interactive exhibit is on show at The Maritime Museum.

More information about the jacket can be found here.

Lord Nelson's Trafalgar Coat | National Maritime Museum
A closeup of the rendered mesh
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