Frozen Relic: Arctic Works

AA Gallery Exhibition

Exhibition - The Architectural Association London.

Following the Climate Impact Tour expeditions to the Fram Strait we were commissioned to produce an exhibition at the Architectural Association Gallery, London. The exhibition, Frozen Relic: Arctic Works, recreated the sea ice landscape in its natural material – frozen saltwater. Each piece is a digitally fabricated scale replica of an original ice floe which was 3D scanned from above and documented using underwater sonar from below. The completed digital survey models are used to guide a CNC machine which carved the moulds in which each replica was frozen.

Visitors entering the gallery found themselves in a darkened room, the suspended ice floes glowing in an icy archipelago. Like the fragile environment they are born from, these exhibits disappeared. The sound of dripping filled the air. Over the course of the show the exhibits melted into perfectly sized drip trays below, being refrozen and rehung for the following day. As the installation melted, it left only the supporting structure which itself accurately represents the scientific data that remains of this captured ice floe. Left with only the forensic records, the show speculated a disappearing Polar landscape for which architects may only ever design for posthumously.

Download the exhibition poster here.

ScanLAB Projects
A view of the melting ice in the gallery space
ScanLAB ProjectsScanLAB Projects
The constantly melting exhibits were replaced every two to three days
The remains of an ice floe after three days of melting
ScanLAB Projects
3D Scan of Arctic Ice Floe: Floe A1006 in September 2011, Fram Strait, North West of Svalbard
ScanLAB Projects
Perspectival Polar biased conical projection map of the Fram Strait and scanned floes