FRAMERATE: Pulse of the Earth

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FRAMERATE: Pulse of the Earth’s hypnotic imagery bears witness to landscapes in flux. The impact of human behaviour and the immense force of nature unfolds around you across an array of screens. This is a space where your perspective may shift.

FRAMERATE: Pulse of the Earth has been exhibited at La Biennale Venice International Film Festival, COP 26, SXSW, BFI London Film Festival and is on show at the Centre PHI in Montreal from 22 March - 11 June 2023. Buy tickets here

ScanLAB Projects | FRAMERATE

The work reveals alterations caused by human-centred industry and the immense forces of nature; destruction, extraction, habitation, construction, harvests, growth, and erosion. Three-dimensional stories unfold across an array of screens. Hypnotic imagery surrounds you. Audio shifts through the space. Spring breaks, summer sun shines through the leaves as they turn amber and fall a second later. In a quaint English garden a pumpkin grows. A thousand tonnes of steel are crushed. Sand ebbs and flows while a cliff retreats. 268 cows are milked. 519 pints are drunk.

FILM: Meet the creators

Created from thousands of daily 3D time-lapse scans of British landscapes, the work observes change on a scale impossible to see with the lens of traditional cameras.

This is not just an artwork. The data collected and presented by FRAMERATE is ground-breaking scientific research, containing empirical, measurable facts.

We glimpse a future perpetually documented by the eyes of a billion autonomous vehicles and personal devices, creating high fidelity spatial records of the earth.

ScanLAB Projects | FRAMERATE

FRAMERATE: Pulse of the Earth invites you to observe in another way. To think and feel in another time scale: geological time, seasonal time, tidal time. To contemplate change, and the pace of change. This is a space where your perspective might shift.

ScanLAB Projects | FRAMERATE

We are currently producing our first international chapter, FRAMERATE: Taiwan, with the generous support of Taiwanese partner, TAICCA. This work is due to premiere in Taipei in November 2023.

As architects and spatial thinkers where we situate the work has a profound impact on the installations we create. We’re excited to explore new exhibition formats for FRAMERATE as we bring the installation to other galleries and cultural institutions worldwide.

If you are interested in exhibiting FRAMERATE please reach out to:

Anetta Jones

ScanLAB Projects

Tel. +44 7411 943139

EPK downloadable here

ScanLAB Projects | FRAMERATE

FRAMERATE: Pulse of the Earth is an artwork underpinned by sustainable values.

We have rigorously considered and documented the impacts of making and exhibiting this work at all stages of its production so far. We are committed to upholding these values in future, and ask any venues, partners and supporters to join us in taking these values forward. At times this means we will make decisions that cost more but impact less.

Find out more about the environmental impact of making and touring this work at
ScanLAB Projects | FRAMERATE
ScanLAB Projects | FRAMERATE
ScanLAB Projects | FRAMERATE