Pennsylvania Castle. Morrow Lorraine

Located on the Jurassic Coast in the Purbecks, Pennsylvania Castle was built by the grandson of the founder of the US State of Pennsylvania. The history of The Penn stretches all the way back to 1797. Working for architect’s Morrow Lorraine and Colonial Leisure Group, ScanLAB Projects completed a 3D survey of the castle, grounds and the surrounding coastline including Church Ope Cove.

Using airborne drones and terrestrial LIDAR this project ties together a vast 3D landscape model and millimeter perfect detail of the historic focus subject. .In total the completed 3D dataset covers and area of approximately 1 x 1.5km. The combination of aerial and terrestrial techniques allow the final animated film to fly from a landscape scale perspective to the crumbling ruins of Penn’s Bath.

In addition to animated data the project also provides full 3D survey information and a series of 2D plans and sections spanning the castle grounds and surrounding cliffs. The combination of animation and drawings helped unravel the complex series of cliffs, gullies, ruins and overgrowth, not only for the Architect but also the client.