3D Building Surveys, London + Cotswolds.

Full 3D surveys of these two historical properties have been captured using full colour 3D scanning.

Central London Residence: This historic, live/work studio space was scanned inside and out in a matter of hours for the architects working on its restoration and alteration. The subsequent 2D vector drawings and 3D model have been used by the designers and engineers throughout the design process, for structural modelling and rights of light analysis.

In additional to the precise spatial information the full colour data has been used to produce planning images and persuasive visuals for the designer and client. Finally the 3D information captured through on site scanning has been meshed to produce a sectional 3D printed model of the context and interior of the space.

Orthographic plan.
Perspective View
Orthographic view with sections and plan lines visible.
Perspective view of the mesh.
The 3d print in SLA.

Manor House, Cotswolds:

Manor House, Cotswolds: The house and grounds of this large manor house in the Cotswolds were 3D scanned over the course of a few days. A dwelling has existed on this site since the Domesday Book. The current property has been altered, added to and re-organised over hundreds of years. The complete 3D survey allowed architect Niall Mclaughlin to understand the complex series of spaces and the history of the structure before a contemporary redesign.

Full colour, accurate 3D scans have aided conversations with English Heritage, local conservation and planning officials, ensuring a delicate response to this historic property.

An overall perspective view.
A orthographic image through one of the outhouses.
The sectiom through the outhouse.
A orthographic ground-floor plan of the Manor House.
The ground-floor plan.