The Falstone Border Shepherds Show 2013

is a traditional village agricultural event that has been held in rural Northumberland since 1885. In 2013 the entire show was captured in 3D creating a precise digital model of the showground, competitors and exhibits. The completed scan is presented in an interactive website where visitors can navigate the showground, zooming to individual prize winners and orbit a selected moments in 3D.

Part of the inspiration behind the project was the juxtaposition of a new, cutting edge technology with a traditional setting, heaped in history. As understanding and news of the technology spread visitors and locals posed for their moment in the 3D spot light. From the sheep dog trials to the beer tent, the chainsaw carver to the fell racers, this interactive website explores a range of scenes from the day.

Click here to visit the website.

Interactive map of the show.
The fell runners
The best egg competition
The sheepdog trials
The sheep during judgeing