DDAY 360 | PBS

In early 2014 ScanLAB Projects accompanied Windfalls Films, Fluid Pictures, Military Historian Steven Zaloga and Colonel Len Fullenkamp, Professor of Military History and Strategy, to the DDay landing beaches in Normandy, France. The aim was to capture vast stretches of the beach and cliffs at Vierville sur Mer, together with the remains of military bunkers for use in a ground breaking documentary DDAY 360 for PBS.

At Vierville-sur-Mer terrestrial LIDAR was used to capture full colour pointcloud data for almost a mile of the beach, 750 meters of the troops exit route off the beach and a series of bunkers and gun locations. Just east along the coast a series of four defensive artillery positions at Longues-sur-Mer were captured, including highly detailed scans of the interior of one gun position and of the gun itself. This vast dataset was used in conjunction with 3D scanned figures and objects to create a factual, graphic language that enabled the programme to make some remarkable historic discoveries.

3D scanning creates a perfect replica of this historic landscape, allowing the programme to interrogate the beaches, take crucial measurements and analyse the battleground in an unprecedented level of detail.