Pompeii | New Secrets Revealed.

BBC’s ONE’s 60 Minute special, Pompeii New Secrets Revealed uncovers the final mysteries of Pompeii. Presenter Mary Beard, renowned classicist and TV historian, explores what life was like in one of the world’s most extraordinary and iconic archaeological sites.

Undoubtedly one of the most tragic gems of the Roman world, Pompeii has laid deep beneath the volcanic ashes of the Mount Vesuvius since the eruption of 79 AD. Utilising the latest in CT, laser and photogrammetric 3D scanning techniques we’ve finally been able to peer inside the casts of Pompeii, reveal the position of slaves quarters hidden underground and examine in unprecedented detail the recently restored frescoes.

The CT data, unlocking mysteries
The Bambino found near his assumed family
Overturning previous stories and assumptions the CT provides new insights into the lives of those who lived at Pompeii
A 3D scan of the casts in the exhibition

Mary unpicks the human stories behind the tragic figures: gladiators, slaves, businesswomen and children who’s remains are famously preserved at Pompeii. With help from expert Estelle Lazer and her team from University of Sydney the CT data and x-rays have allowed forensic archaeologists to challenge previous assumptions about their lives and discover the real identities behind the people unable to escape the eruption.

Captured in forensic detail, the scans of Pompeii represent one of the most comprehensive digitisations of Pompeii to date. Covering the whole archaeological site the scans allow it to be explored like never before.

The CT data, terrestrial laser scanning and aerial photogrammetry was captured on location in Pompeii over 10 days in September 2015. ScanLAB Projects completed all data processing and graphics for the 60 minute documentary which is a Lion TV production for BBC ONE. First screen BBC ONE, 9:00pm, Thursday 3rd March 2016.

The Roman Amphitheatre as captured by the scanning team
The extensive estate of Julia Felix, one of the wealthiest inhabitants of Pompeii
Julia Felix and her bath house open to exclusive clients
The interior of Paquio Proculo and it's extensive mosaic
Julia Felix's private residence
Skulls collected from across Pompeii in storage