The Barn 2B iPad app

is an interactive digital document containing 3D spatial information about a historic structure in Lithuania. Barn 2B is located northeast of the town of Tauragnai, Utena on land neighbouring the LT Ranch Project Space.

While Barn 2B exists physically it is an unregistered property with no titles or deeds which identify its age, position or type at the local council registry. In November 2012 the complete exterior, interior and context of Barn 2B was 3D laser scanned using terrestrial laser scanning. This exercise marked the first in a series of moves to archive, label, digitally comprehend and physically transplant the structure from its present location to one 250+ meters away inside the LT Ranch boundary.

This app contains the digital version of Barn 2B - stored as a cloud of 984.5 million precisely measured, accurately coloured points. The barn sits here in a virtual version of its site. Every part is labelled. Each junction is recorded. This document aims to guide its future movements and store it’s current memory.

The interactive labelled sections allow users to locate components in position.
Interactive drawing sets dissect the barn.
The app divides into many sections to explore the barn
Interactive cutaways reveal the barns construction