Forensis. The Architecture of Public Truth Friday 17th January 2014

We are honoured to be included in the exhibition and accompanying book, Forensis by Forensic Architecture. The exhibition presents investigations involving imaging processes, satellite images, 3D visualisations, models and videos, mobilised as evidence on behalf of prosecution teams, civil society organisations, activists, human rights groups, and the United Nations.

NOISE: ERROR IN THE VOID Friday 17th January 2014

Our exhibition NOISE: ERROR IN THE VOID explores the inherent mistakes made by modern technologies of vision. Here we see the unedited view of the world as seen through the eyes of the LiDAR machine. Reality is shrouded in a cloud of mistaken measurements, confused surfaces and misplaced three dimensional reflections. The exhibition opens 20th March at SURFACE_GALLERY, 51 Scrutton Street, Shoreditch.

The Otolith Group: Sovereign Sisters Friday 17th January 2014

Bergen Kunsthall opens the spring season with "In the Year of the Quiet Sun" the first major exhibition by The Otolith Group in the Nordic region, our collaborative animation "Sovereign Sisters" features in the show. The exhibition runs from 17th Jan - 9th March.

HIGH definition: Negotiating zero tolerence Thursday 1st March 2014

We are very excited to be included in Bob Sheil's newest publication "High Definition: Negotiating Zero Tolerence" The issue explores the onslaught of new and highly accurate digital metrology tools in large and small scale 3D scanning and 3D modelling. Capable of measuring space to an accuracy of less than 1 mm, these tools offer unprecedented precision for the development and interrogation of design before, during and post production.

Landscape Futures: Geoff Manaugh Friday 17th January 2014

Fantastic to see our work mentioned in Geoff Manaugh latest book, Landscape Futures, that accompanies the exhibition which he curated at the Nevada Museum of Art.

ARKTIS, Exhibition, Louisiana Museum of Modern Art, Copenhagen Friday 17th January 2014

We are very excited to announce that our animation from Frozen Relic will be on show at the Louisiana Museum of Modern Art. The exhibition Arktis is a major, multi-faceted show which explores the wonderful, fragile, frightening and powerful nature of the Arctic region.

Frozen Relic: Arctic Works Thursday 21st September 2013

The exhibition, Frozen Relic: Arctic Works, recreates this landscape in its natural material – frozen saltwater. The exhibition at Architectural Association runs from Jan 12th - Feb 9th 2013.

Ruairi Glynn: Fearful Symmetry Thursday 30th August 2012

Something primitive animated the darkness of the Tate Modern’s recently opened Tanks. Artist Ruairi Glynn exhibited 'Fearful Symmetry' at the Tate Modern. His latest and most ambitious interactive installation to date has been developed through a collaboration with the Bartlett School of Architecture UCL, Middlesex University Design Engineering and Kings College's Department of Robotics.

The House of Detention Tuesday 14th February 2012

We've been fortunate enough to have access to The House of Detention, the basement of a disused prison in Clerkenwell, London. The space is enormous and fascinating. In its 'prime' in the 19th Century an estimated 10,000 prisoners passed through each year while awaiting trial.

Slow Life Scanning @ The House of Detention Saturday 11th October 2011

Slow Life Scanning is a technique we have been experimenting with over the last couple of years. In a similar manner to long exposure photography we are capturing motion over a period of time but rather than just a single 2D image, we capture this information in 3D. The most recent series of these works have focused on choreographed traumatic and tortured movements in The House of Detention, London.

Gramazio & Kohler Architecture and Digital Fabrication @ Fabricate 2011 Saturday 11th June 2011

During Fabricate 2011 we were lucky enough to exhibit with Gramazio & Kohler in the Bartett’s Gallery Space. Their exhibit was fascinating - robotic fabrication using live feedback from a laser scanner to edit the construction while in process. Just before it was disassembled we managed to grab a few scans of the completed structure with the robot trapped inside.

Fabricate 2011 Conference Venue Scan Thursday 21st April 2011

We are privileged to have been a part of the hugely successful Fabricate 2011 conference, exhibition and publication last weekend (14th+15h April). As well as exhibiting our HD light boxes alongside Gramazio & Kohler's live robotic fabrication we snapped a few quick 3D scans of events throughout the weekend.

Sixteen*(Makers) 55/02 Wednesday 30th March 2011

In 2010 we produced a series of black and white and later colour scans of 55/02 - a shelter on the north shore of Kielder Water, Northumberland. 55/02 is the product of a collaboration between architect Sixteen*Makers and metal fabricator Stahlbogen. We used the scanning process as a tool for checking the actual product against idealised digital designs.

Climate Impact Tour 2011 Wednesday 30th August 2011

This year satellite imagery suggests that it is very likely there will be a near record low in Arctic ice extent. We have been documenting ice floes with our 3D scanner to understand their condition. The data will also help the sea ice scientists from Cambridge formulate detailed computer simulations of its movements and behaviour.

Bartlett SummerShow 2010 Wednesday 30th August 2010

48 hours of colour 3D scanning produced 64 scans of the entire exhibition space using a Faro Photon 120 laser scanner. These have been compiled to form a complete 3D replica of the temporary show which has been distilled into a navigable animation